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Bekaert Combustion Technology in China

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Bekaert was one of the first and most important Belgian investors to believe in China’s market as a world player and for that reason we have built several plants in the Asian region in the last two decades. For more than 5 years, Bekaert Combustion Technology has also been active in the Asian region with sales offices in China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other Asian countries. Based on the increasing local demand and the need of European customers to have a local heating partner in China, the decision has been taken to set up a complete local Heating operation. BCT China is a full supporting organisation including Sales, R&D (test) facilities and production & assembly lines.

With an existing infrastructure already in place, it was obvious that BCT could make a head start by making use of this existing plant. Therefore, the choice was made to start within the Bekaert Technology and Research Center, which had just entered a brand new building. The plant is located in Jiangyin City in China's Jiangsu province (200 km North-East of Shanghai), where, besides the Technology and Research Center, Bekaert also has several other production plants and R&D centers. BCT China operations will start with a 1500 m2 plant in a  professional environment.

One of the key elements in developing BCT China was to establish a local Asian site with European process and safety standards, allowing us to serve both local and foreign (EU) customers in China with similar quality and process levels as in Europe.

At the end of 2010 a project team with Dutch and Chinese participants was formed, to identify the project scope and milestones. The overall scope of the project was to develop a production & assembly facility for burners as well as heat exchangers and heat cells for the local market and for export. Our first goal was to set up the assembly lines and necessary logistics at the new plant. To achieve the quality standard Bekaert guarantees its customers, a crucial precondition was to support the startup from the Netherlands and to train the Chinese operators. An intensive training program was started in Assen to instruct the Chinese operators with regard to current processes and product knowledge.

Upon completion of all preparations, we successfully started up the production of the first part series in the beginning of 2012. This will be expanded to include more products during 2012. With our new Chinese company we can offer an increased list of services:

  • Design and customization of various types of burners to fit requirements of Asian customers.
  • Local Chinese production of cylindrical and flat burners according to Bekaert quality and safety standards.
  • Local sourcing and assembly of Aluminium Heat Exchangers ranging from residential to large commercial applications.
  • Support to foreign (EU) Boiler Manufacturers setting up operations in China to provide local supply with the production, assembly and testing of burners, heat exchangers or boiler components.
  • R&D Combustion Technology Lab facilities to optimize heat cells with thermo-acoustic solutions, NOx and CO emissions and efficiency.

The official opening of Bekaert Combustion Technology China in Jiangyin was on the 7th of April, a special day when we celebrated our achievements that will lead to a closer relationship with our Asian customers.

We are ready to supply from China as from 2012 onwards with the high quality standards you are used to. During every step we take, high Quality and best Service will always be our key drivers.