Bekaert introduces a new gas infrared emitter Gem9E


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Bekaert Solaronics maximizes energy efficiency for operating costs reduction with Gem9E gas infrared emitter

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Bekaert Solaronics* introduces a new gas infrared emitter, called Gem9E, on the market.
The Gem9E is part of the well-known Bekaert Solaronics Gas Emitter Module (GEM) family. By upgrading your existing Gem9 emitters with Gem9E, you will keep the same drying performance and decrease by 10 % your gas consumption. Innovation and product development are key drivers for Bekaert Solaronics in order to make sure we offer the most advanced solutions to our customers in terms of low operating costs and quality.
Gem9E benefits from the proved design of Gem family and two unique innovative features:

- the use of a second radiant screen to further improve energy recovery from hot flue gases
- the use of a solid ceramic material known for its excellent mechanical properties optimized thanks to a specific surface treatment to efficiently operate at high temperatures (up to 1250 °C).

Gem9E emitters can be installed instead of standard Bekaert Solaronics Gem without modification of pre-existent systems, thus permitting minimum down-time. Today, more than 1000 Gem9E have already been installed in major paper groups.

Bekaert Solaronics, based in Armentieres France, is the world-wide headquarters of the infrared non-contact drying business of Bekaert.
Bekaert Solaronics supplies infrared and air drying solution on a global basis for paper and board, converting and metal processing industries. We provide service and maintenance options worldwide for the upgrade optimization and improved energy efficiency of existing systems.

*Solaronics S.A. is not to be confused with Solaronics Inc. based in Rochester Michigan USA. For the USA, the non-contact drying business of Bekaert is coordinated through Bekaert Corp, 1395 South Marietta Parkway, Building 500, Suite 100, US-Marietta, Georgia 30067-4440.