Bekaert Solaronics Gemdryer and Energy Recovery System succesfully running at Stora Enso, France


Press release

Bekaert Solaronics has recently installed an Energy Recovery System and replaced exisiting Gem7 emitters by Gem9E as part of the upgrade of the paper machine PM5 at Stora Enso, Corbehem, France

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In 1990, two Bekaert GemDryer® were installed directly after each coating station and were followed by conventional gas heated air dryers. Following a complete audit of the drying arches and a study of all the paper grades produced on the PM5, Stora Enso placed an order to Bekaert Solaronics early this year for an upgrade of the infrared emitters and for an Energy Recovery System:

- Gem7 emitters have been replaced by Gem9E emitters, to further improve energy recovery. Gem9E emitters can be installed instead of standard Bekaert Solaronics Gem emitters without modification of pre-existent systems, thus permitting minimum down-time. Today, more than 2 500 Gem9E have already been installed in major paper groups.

- Implementation of an ERS in order to reuse the hot exhaust air from the infrared systems for the air dryers, leading to a drastic decrease of gas consumption of these air dryers.

The objective of the project was to maintain or improve the existing quality of the coated mechanical grades while reducing energy consumption significantly.

Thanks to the use of the Gem9E emitters and the implementation of the Bekaert Energy Recovery system, gas savings of more than 1 900 kW have been achieved, equivalent to 21% of energy consumption reduction. The gas burners of the air dryers can be run at minimum power, using the hot IR exhaust air as make-up air.

Stora Enso is a global producer of paper, employing more than 27,000 people in 35 countries. Stora Enso’s mission is to use and develop its expertise in renewable materials to meet the needs of its customers and many of today’s global raw material challenges. Products provide a climate-friendly alternative to many products made from competing non-renewable materials, and have a smaller carbon footprint. Stora Enso Corbehem PM5 produces about 330,000 tons a year of TMP-based LWC gravure and offset paper at an average speed of 1550 m/min.

Bekaert Solaronics supplies customized drying and heating systems based on gas and electrical infrared technology to a wide range of industries including paper and board, converting and metal processing applications. Today, more than 1,000 systems have been installed worldwide, of which 60% come from repeat orders with existing customers. The company provides service and maintenance options worldwide for the upgrade optimization and improves energy efficiency of existing systems.