Bekaert Solaronics got a prize at the ATIP Innovation awards 2012 with Gem9E


Press release

A great success for Bekaert Solaronics which won on Wednesday 24th October 2012 "la Palme d'argent" with Gem9E emitter at the ATIP Innovation Awards 2012!

Summary & download

This competition, a real springboard for the promotion and enhancement of paper processes and products, is organized by ATIP during its annual congress.

Gem9E emitter has been recognized by ATIP as an innovative product for the reduction of energy costs in the paper and board industry (10% saving on gas consumption) as well as for the significant decrease in environmental pollution (carbon footprint lowered by 150 tons/emitter/year).

Gem9E emitter is a unique gas infrared emitter with very high radiative efficiency, mainly due to the following properties:

- Use of a second radiant screen to further improve energy recovery from hot flue gases.

- Use of a solid ceramic material known for its excellent mechanical properties optimized thanks to a specific surface treatment to operate efficiently at high temperature (up to 1250°C).

More than 2500 emitters have already been installed in major paper groups since bringing the Gem9E to the market in February 2012.
The company is very proud to have received this “Palme d’argent” which is an indisputable sign of Bekaert’s dynamism and responsiveness to meet, through innovation, the non-contact drying needs of the paper industry.