New Bekaert Solaronics electrical infrared drying system at Torraspapel Spain


Press release

Bekaert Solaronics has recently installed a new electrical infrared/air drying system on a supercalendar at Torraspapel, Sarria de Ter, Spain.

Summary & download

The new configuration consists of Bekaert Solaronics electrical-UniDryer V2 equipped with M-2000 modules which provide high power and efficiency for a wet supercalendering process.
The main advantages of the electrical Unidryer V2 are:

  • Fast response time in terms of drying
  • High flexibility of usage
  • Improvement of the paper moisture in the cross direction (profiling)
  • Compactness of the equipment

Torraspapel, part of the Lecta group, is the leader in the production and distribution of coated woodfree paper and specialty papers in the Iberian Peninsula, with an output capacity of over 1.100.100 tons. The extensive range of products includes coated fine papers for advertising and publishing, specialty papers and self-adhesives for labelling and flexible packaging; carbonless and thermal papers for business forms and thermal applications. Torraspapel located in Sarria de Ter produces 62.000 tons per year of specialty uncoated papers and base papers.

Bekaert Solaronics supplies customized drying and heating systems based on gas and electrical infrared technology to a wide range of industries including paper and board, converting and metal processing applications. Today, more than 1,000 systems have been installed worldwide, of which 60% come from repeat orders with existing customers. The company provides service and maintenance options worldwide for the upgrade optimization and improves energy efficiency of existing systems.