Bekaert Rome hose wire operations restored


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Rome, Georgia (US) –Bekaert has restored the brass plated hydraulic hose wire manufacturing capacity in its production plant in Rome, Georgia. The plant had been temporarily shut down after a fire caused structural damage to part of the site on November 19th, 2014.

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Bekaert has restored the hose wire production activities at the Rome plant in a very short time and all employees of the related production area are back to work.
Bekaert teams have worked closely together with the customers to meet their supply needs during the repair phase following the fire incident. In full support of our customers, and thanks to their continued trust in our capabilities, Bekaert has been able to help ensure production continuity at all hydraulic hose manufacturers served in the US.
The fire of November 19th damaged the Rome plant’s bead wire lines and the adjacent draw area. The hose wire area, bead wire take-up area, packaging area, and warehouse area remained intact. Thanks to the inbound supply of half product from other Bekaert plants and the intensive efforts of the plant team to clean up the areas that were not destroyed by the fire, Bekaert Rome has been able to rapidly restore part of its operations, including all hose wire production activities.
The damaged parts of the site are being rebuilt and equipped to restore bead wire production activities in spring of 2015. Bekaert also remains fully committed to the recently announced significant investment plans aimed at increasing the bead wire capacity of the Rome plant. Contingency plans have been put in place to bridge the current supply shortage of bead wire from the Rome plant to the US-based tire manufacturers. This plan aims at meeting the customer needs with existing stocks or with supplies from Bekaert operations around the globe.

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