Bekaert showcases new and eco-friendly coated book binding wires at IPEX 2010


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Discover Bekaert’s latest book binding solutions at stand 20-E670

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Bekaert, worldwide technological and market leader in drawn steel wire products and advanced coatings, highlights its latest coated book binding wires at IPEX at the National Exhibition Center in Birmingham from May 18-25, 2010.

For the 2010 edition of the fair, Bekaert presents visitors with its traditional range of Metalobind®, Nylobind® and Tinobind® wires as well as two completely new products: Bekaert glow-in-the-dark book binding wire and our latest contribution to eco-friendly bookbinding solutions - the Ecobind® .

Ecobind®: in sync with nature

Ecobind® is a bookbinding wire coated with an eco-friendly or ‘green’ polymer derived from natural resources. Ecobind® is as durable as any other regular polymer coated wire, but unlike petro-based coatings, this coating decomposes completely when left in an industrial composting environment. The amount of CO 2 emitted by decomposing green polymers is the same amount as has been absorbed by the plant of which the raw product was derived from in the first place. Ecobind® thus fits perfectly in the cycle of nature.

Marcelo Xavier, Bekaert’s global segment manager for book binding wires, comments: “Ecobind® is the result of years of research and development at Bekaert’s technology centres. In times when we all need to make a big effort to save our world’s natural resources, innovations like these are particularly welcome."

“Bekaert has a global reputation for producing top-quality products.” Mr. Xavier adds: “It’s very rewarding to come up with a renewable, environmentally friendly alternative to polymers derived from petrochemical products.”

Bekaert glow-in-the-dark book binding wire - the luminous touch to stationery

Another new product that Bekaert will be introducing at IPEX is Bekaert glow-in-the-dark book binding wire. This specific wire is coated with a special polymer that absorbs energy from any source of light. Once the wire is put back in the dark, the coating remits that energy in a soft greenish glow providing stationery with a luminous touch. This new wire allows marketing service providers to offer an added value to the print work of their customers.

Mr. Xavier adds: "We welcome everyone at booth 20-E670 to check out our wide range of book binding solutions. I look forward to the energy of Ipex 2010 and the interaction with our customers so we can continue to provide them with optimal service and quality."