Lammermarkt parking garage, Leiden

Dramix reinforced parking garage - Lammermarkt

Project type:

Underwater concrete (2.800 m²)

> Architects: JHK Architecten
> Engineering firm: Dura Vermeer, Besix, Parkeergarages Leiden
> Contractor: Royal Haskoning DHV 
> Owner: District Leiden

Located on the edge of the Leiden city center is the deepest parking garage of The Netherlands. The Lammermarkt parking measures 60 m across and has a circular, steel fiber reinforced concrete base. The floor protects the structure from external ground and water pressure, ensuring the garage remains 100% watertight.

Engineer Jeroen Meijdam of engineering firm Dura Vermeer talks about the main challenge of creating the sizeable underwater slab, and how Dramix® steel fiber and Bekaert were part of the solution.

The challenge

“The biggest challenge was to create a construction base that is 100% watertight. This is no small feat, considering the circular shape of the construction. To achieve the floor’s specifications without reinforcement would result in a very thick slab. Because part of the underwater concrete had to be reinforced anyway we decided to reinforce the entire structure with a combination of mesh and steel fiber reinforcement.” 

The solution

“We initially considered using only mesh reinforcement. However, designing, creating and placing the mesh was quite expensive and time-consuming because we needed to customize the netting and apply it both ways. Combining mesh with Dramix® steel fiber was much more efficient in cost and installation."

"This floor design features optimal tensile strength at a floor thickness of 1.000 mm and a thickness of 1.400 mm along the diaphragm walls. Dramix® steel fiber increased plasticity of the concrete to protect it from external ground and water pressure, ensuring a watertight structure.” 

Dramix reinforced parking garage - Lammermarkt

Dramix reinforced parking garage - Lammermarkt