Mina Justa, Marcona, Peru

Project type:

  • Warehouse


  • Seamless floor (2.700 m²)

Quality assurance: 

  • Conforms to EN 14651 for steel fiber reinforced concrete


  • Engineering firm: Ausenco
  • Contractor: HLC Ingeniería y Construcción SAC
  • Owner: Marcobre SAC

The Project entails the construction of a truck shop with three maintenance bays at Mina Justa, the second largest mining project in Peru at the moment. The project will have a seamless floor of 2.700 m², the largest of its kind in South America.

David Lapa Morales, Engineering Discipline Leader with general contractor HLC, talks about the biggest challenge related to this project, and how Prodimin, the Mining Unit of Prodac (Bekaert’s representative in Peru), contributed to the solution. 

The challenge

“The n°1 challenge was the restricted construction time. Twelve months is very tight considering the amount of work and the environment we had to work in. The mine is located in a flat desert, 800 m above sea level. The bad weather, frequent sand storms, strong winds and fog, cause construction to slow down.”

The solution

“To speed up the project, we took Prodimin’s advice to pour a seamless floor using only Dramix® steel fibers and mesh. By cutting rebar, we not only cut time on flooring, we also cut 30% on cost. Moreover, no joints result in a more durable floor. Choosing Dramix® was a win-win solution.”

“We could not have done this project without the support of Prodimin. Their knowledge of standards and design codes, their support during the trial tests and during construction, the training they provided to our personnel and their job-site support, is what made this project a success.”