Park Allgäu, Center Parcs, Leutkirch, Germany

Center Parcs, Germany - Dramix

Project type:
Single-storey building

Raft/mat foundation

> Engineering firm: Boch Holding GmbH & Co.KG
> Contractor: Gordian Mösle GmbH & Co. KG
> Concrete plant: Transportbeton Leutkirch-Isny GmbH & Co. KG
> Owner: Center Parcs

Park Allgäu is one of the locations of the popular holiday village network, Center Parcs. When the park was created, Center Parcs enlisted general contractor Mösle, to build concrete foundation slabs for 750 recreational houses.

Christan Hock, Managing Director at Mösle, talks about the challenges of the project and his experience working with Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement by Bekaert. 

The challenge

“Time was the main issue. With a surface area of + 53.000 m² and a timing of 9 months is was near impossible to finalize the project with steel mesh and rebar within such a tight time-frame.” 

The solution

“We decided to use Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement instead because this solution saved us the time of customizing and placing the steel mesh at the construction site. Regardless larger pumping distances, the steel fiber concrete could be pumped easily. When the weather conditions were good we were able to finish up to 44 slabs in a single week!

“This project required approximately 14.000 m³ of concrete, which amounts to about 1.930 full mixing trucks. Because Dramix® is so easy to work with, the project was finalized in time, with only a handful of workers.”

Center Parcs, Germany - Dramix

Center Parcs, Germany - Dramix