Zalando, Lodz, Pologne

Project type:

  • Distribution center


  • Jointless floor (100,000 m²)


  • Flooring contractor: Fibre System
  • General contractor: Goldbeck
  • Owner: Zalando

The project is a 100,000 m² jointless concrete floor for a new distribution center for Zalando, a popular Europe-based fashion and beauty web shop. The floor space is located in Lodz, Poland and consists of panels with thicknesses up to 200 mm.

Tomasz Chibowski, co-owner and Managing Director of Fibre System explains why his company preferred working with Bekaert and why they chose Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement for this project.

The challenge

“As our customer wanted to start operations as soon as possible, speed and ease of installation was an important requirement. However, the biggest challenge of this project was to meet specific load bearing capacities in different floor areas. To achieve 560 kN per point load, we needed a steel fiber with l/d ratio = 80. With Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement, Bekaert was the only supplier able to provide all fibers for this project.”

The solution

“Using Dramix® steel fiber concrete reinforcement enabled us to finish the project smoothly and well within deadline. Bekaert is flexible, easy to work with and offers a tremendous amount of technical expertise. Moreover, their products enable us to offer our end-client the quality we stand for.”

"Fibre System also relied on Bekaert’s support for joint planning, design, logistics and on-site construction support. Using advanced design software, Bekaert helped determining the right thickness, reinforcement and loading capacity of each of the panels."