Steel fiber concrete reinforcement for precast elements

steel fiber reinforced concrete precast elements
The service life of precast concrete elements does not only depend on design, but it also needs reinforcement that will stand the test of time. Dramix® concrete reinforcement enables the efficient production of strong and aesthetic precast elements.

Challenging loads for maximum service life

To ensure that concrete precast elements remain strong and watertight, they require high resistance to corrosion and impact. Dramix® concrete reinforcement creates a three-dimensional, homogeneous steel fiber network that protects the entire structure, including edges and joints. This feature allows the production of reliable and long-lasting precast elements of any design, no matter how complex. To avoid rust stains on the surface, an innovative inhibitor is added to the fibers. 

Easy to produce 

The use of fiber enables a smooth production process and fast switching of production lines. The glued fiber bundles slowly dissolve into the concrete, avoiding balling and assuring uniform reinforcement to the entire precast element. 

Using Dramix® steel fiber for precast elements instead of steel mesh saves time and money. Production is faster because no mesh and spacers need to be installed. Even though less steel is used, precast elements reinforced with Dramix® complies with the highest quality standards. Dramix® steel fibers need less storage space, leaving more room to stock the finished elements.

More durable concrete surface

Time saving construction

Lower installation and labor costs

Reliable and recommended technology 

Dramix® conforms to the IAPMO UES standard for concrete reinforcement and fib Model Code 2020 for concrete structures and is DIN EN approved.