Steel fiber concrete reinforcement for structural elements

steel fiber reinforced concrete steel decks To ensure the integrity of the building, Dramix® concrete reinforcement is added to concrete structural elements to help to support the entire load of the building. This solution works fibers only or combined with other reinforcement solutions, depending on the application or design.

Ever-evolving concrete performance

Structural applications like raft foundations, civil engineering structures, bridges, steel decks, and pile-supported floors are part of the structure that carries the entire load of the building. Strength, durability, and reliability are therefore of extreme importance. 

Bekaert helps in achieving these requirements in two ways. Firstly, we offer our technical expertise to designers and contractors to calculate the required reinforcement for their structure. Secondly, in Dramix®, we offer an advanced concrete reinforcement solution that, combined with other reinforcement solutions, offers previously unseen levels in concrete performance in structural applications, and in which we continue to evolve. 

crack control 
Crack control 

timing saving
Time saving construction
Quality mix design

IAPMO approved

New approvals for IAPMO UES and fib Model Code 2020 for concrete structures have allowed for further expansion in the possible applications of steel fiber reinforced structures. These code approvals, together with code-compliant software like SCIA and Adapt, provides engineers with the technical and legal framework to offer innovative and cost-efficient solutions to their customers using Dramix® reinforced concrete. As a result, Dramix® steel fibers have become a fully mature building product, taking its place next to reinforcing steel.