Steel fiber concrete reinforcement for underground structures -

Steel fiber concrete reinforcement for underground structures

steel fiber reinforced underground concrete structures To ensure the safety and reliability of underground concrete structures, such as precast tunnel linings, cast-in-situ linings, and shafts, Dramix® concrete reinforcement has been designed to increase crack control under high pressure.

Impermeable quality

No matter what the ground conditions are, no matter how strong the stresses of handling and use are, Dramix® steel fibers maintain the durability of your structure. Proven and innovative, Dramix® concrete reinforcement provides high impact resistance and optimal crack control increasing the structural stability and service life of your underground concrete structures

Three reasons to reinforce tunnel linings with Dramix®  

First, Dramix® concrete reinforcement makes your underground structures more durable. The fibers can easily be distributed throughout the concrete, actively reinforcing every part of your structure, making it both stronger and more ductile. Second, Dramix® concrete reinforcement minimizes the risk of spalling and controls cracks between 0,1 and 0,3 mm. This reduces the permeability of your concrete lining. Third, coated with an environmentally friendly rust inhibitor Dramix® concrete reinforcement assures a smooth and corrosion-free surface.

More durable concrete surface

Time saving construction

Lower installation and labor costs

Reliable and recommended technology 

Dramix® conforms to the IAPMO UES standard for concrete reinforcement and fib Model Code 2010 for concrete structures.