Bekaert Construction news digest November 2019

November’s news digest features some of the most impressive new architectural projects in the world, AI-driven jobsite accident prevention, the ‘Google Street View of the construction sector’ and the official introduction of South-East Asia’s largest 3D concrete printer. Make sure to click the links for the full stories.

Life in 50 years from now

Fifty years from now, will we be living under the sea and commuting through the sky, using drone-style air taxis? In a new report, academics and futurists suggest it will all be possible. Read more here.

Cold storage as a hot construction niche

Cold storage is becoming a hot construction niche. The growing storage needs for frozen and refrigerated foods are giving the market of cold storage warehouses a boom, experts say. Read the full story here.

The most impressive new architecture of 2019

Since the start of 2019, several extraordinary new architectural projects have caught the eye of designers and architects all over the world. Izavar Architects shares seven of its favourites, from a national museum inspired by a desert rose in Qatar, to the amazing ‘Thousand Trees’ structure in Shanghai. Discover them here.

How AI can prevent jobsite accidents

The Predictive Analytics Strategic Council is an AI-based system that is aimed at preventing jobsite accidents. More and more big contractors are seeing the benefits of this new technology and are joining the partnership. Read more here.

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