Szczecin-Goleniów airport, Szczecin, Poland

Project type:

  • Road


  • Asphalt pavement (123.000 m²)


  • Consultant: University of Wroclaw
  • Engineering firm: Transprojekt Gdansk
  • General contractor: Budimex S.A.
  • Owner: Port Lotniczy Szczecin Goleniów Sp. z o.o.

The project entails the renovation of a 2,5 km section runway and adjacent taxiway at the Szczecin-Goleniów airport. As the existent pavements suffered severely from cracking, contractor Budimex agreed to use Mesh Track® to avoid reflective cracking for the renovation, and to cooperate with Bekaert for technical support.

The Szczecin airport challenged several consultants and engineering firms to come up with a durable solution for the project. General contractor Budimex S.A. won the tender. Here’s how they convinced the Szczecin-Goleniów airport. 

The challenge

“Closing a runway for renovation means less air traffic, and less traffic means less revenue. Therefore, the airport authorities requested a solution that is fast and easy to apply and provides adequate protection against reflective cracking for the entire servicelife of the pavement.” 

The solution

“Budimex proposed to use Mesh Track® for the project, as they decided it was the most reliable protection against reflective cracking in the long-run. They also convinced the Szczecin-Goleniów airport to reinforce the entire length of the runway instead of just the joints. Increasing the total m² of reinforcement from 35.000 m² to 123.000 m²."

“We would have never been able to carry out the design if it wasn’t for the technical support by Bekaert”, Budimex stated. The client initially did not agree to increase the reinforcement. The calculations Bekaert provided convinced the customer that this was the best proposal, for the best outcome.”