Serravalle tunnel, Italy

Project type:

  • Subway tunnel 


  • Spray concrete


  • Owner: Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)
  • Contractors: COCIV (Consorzio Collegamenti Integrati Veloci)
  • Ready-mix: Unicalcestruzzi Spa, Calcestruzzi Spa, Consorzio Vallemme  

The Terzo Valico is a high-speed rail line extension to the Rhine-Alpine corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network. The line is 53 km (33 mi) long, 37 km (23 mi) of which is underground. It connects Genoa on the Mediterranean Sea with Rotterdam on the North Sea.  

Bekaert provided the steel fiber concrete reinforcement for one of the two main tunnels of the Terzo Valico: the 7 km (4.3 mi) long Serravalle Tunnel. 

The challenge

COCIV decided to reinforce the tunnel with spray concrete to minimize construction costs and times. The geology of the Serravalle project site consists mostly of sandstone and marls, but with medium to high risk of fractures. Choosing the right reinforcement was of essence.

The solution

To increase the ductility of the concrete, the temporary lining of the tunnel is reinforced with 30 kg/Cum Dramix® 3D steel fibers. Combining high performance, durability and ease-of-use, Dramix® 3D steel fibres offer a time-saving and cost-efficient alternative to traditional concrete reinforcement solutions.


Pictures copyrighted by COCIV