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Murfor® Club is an interactive knowledge platform
that offers you everything you need to know about masonry reinforcement.

To learn more about Murfor® Club please read our FAQ below.

1. What is Murfor® Club?
2. Can anyone join Murfor® Club?
3. Do i need a pay a subscription fee?

1. What is Murfor® Club?

Murfor® club is an exclusive online club designed and administered by industry specialist Bekaert. Sign up here and get free access to:

  • The new Murfor® brochure with ideas and recommendations for your masonry reinforcement projects
  • All available documentation and explanation about Murfor®+: the new reference in masonry reinforcement
  • Product quality and certification documents
  • Technical information like datasheets, specification texts, ... 
  • A list of Murfor® reference projects
  • And much more... 

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2. Can anyone join Murfor® Club?

Murfor® Club is an exclusive club created for industry professionals. After signing up, your subscription will be carefully screened. Depending on various factors like your industry, profession and region bekaert will grant you access to Murfor® Club by sending you a personal login by e-mail.

Murfor® Club is the knowledge platform for:

  • Architects (utility and residential) 
  • Block or brick producers
  • Contractors
  • Distributors
  • Engineers
  • Merchants
  • Researchers/Students
  • Subcontractors/Masons

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3. Do i need to pay a subscription fee?

No! Murfor® Club is absolutely free. Just sign up here.

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