Covid-19: better together in unprecedented times

We are all adapting to major changes in our business environments and in our daily lives, as the covid-19 pandemic continues. We hope that you, your families and your friends and colleagues remain safe and healthy and we want to thank you for the trust you put in us each day.

Given the harsh impact of the corona pandemic on populations and economies worldwide, we have implemented measures to safeguard the health and safety of our people and their families. We do whatever is necessary to comply with the regulations deployed in all countries where we are active. We closely communicate with customers and suppliers so that our supply chain actions are aligned and we implement precautionary actions to mitigate the consequences of the crisis on our financial position.

Today, a number of Bekaert plants around the world are shut down due to temporary government-mandated lockdowns, reduced demand in certain sectors, or preventative actions implemented by Bekaert. 

As a global company, we do whatever is possible to secure the supply flows and we will try to keep the shutdown periods limited in time. We are organizing ourselves to be ready to resume normalized business activities as soon as the situation allows, as we did in China, earlier this year.

We are a robust company with a very resilient team, motivated to emerge stronger from the crisis, together with our business partners and all stakeholders. 

We redeploy resources to help others and to make communities safer

We are Bekaert – We are better together!

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