Covid-19: better together in unprecedented times

We are all adapting to major changes in our business environments and in our daily lives, as the covid-19 pandemic continues. We hope that you, your families and your friends and colleagues remain safe and healthy and we want to thank you for the trust you put in us each day.

Although the situation seemed to improve during the summer, we never let down our guard. We never stopped applying the measures that we implemented early on to limit the impact of the coronavirus. We continued to disinfect our plants so our operators could continue to work safely. We encouraged people with symptoms to quarantine and test for the virus. We let office workers work from home to limit exposure.

These measures have allowed us to keep supplying products to our customers but we remain vigilant and prudent. We do not know what the future will bring, but we do know we are all in it together

In the past months, we have proven that we are a robust company with a very resilient team. Every day we continue to learn and adapt our way of working to address the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic. Our teams around the world remain focused on serving our customers in the best way possible. Whatever happens, Bekaert people are always there for you and for each other. We are motivated to emerge stronger from the crisis, together with our business partners and all stakeholders. 

We redeploy resources to help others and to make communities safer

We are Bekaert – We are better together!