Unbreakable plastic to replace steel?


  • A lightweight steel cord reinforced plastic material
  • Retains structural integrity under high dynamic impact
  • Energy absorption at highest level
  • Easy to process and high design flexibility
EASI zoom
The steel cord fabric or tape can be overmolded with: PP, PE, TPU, PA, PET,…

Is it possible to have plastic impact parts without sacrificing safety or performance?

Can “rigid and heavy” steel follow the curves and angles of plastic structures?

The EASI (Energy Absorption, Safety and Integrity) solution from Bekaert can help with all of this.

Easy to Process – Flexible Design

An EASI thermoplastic component (typically either PP or PA) is a lightweight impact part reinforced with a fabric or tape of continuous steel cords. The steel cord fabric or tape is embedded through compression or injection molding technologies. EASI components can be attached to a structure through bonding, riveting, gluing or other  techniques like hybrid bonding. The steel cords are made from galvanized wires that are given an extra anti-corrosive layer, resulting in an optimum lifetime. 

Lightweight Strength 

EASI has a unique dual position. Because of its structure, it provides the strength and safety of steel while being lighter than pure steel (30% lighter). It offers the lightweight, flexible benefits of plastic while being stronger than plastic alone.  

Unbreakable Plastic

EASI is ideal for high-impact crash areas where energy absorption and force distribution is needed, including, but not limited to, impact bumper or side-door beams. Check out the video

EASI video

Potential applications:

  • Bumpers
  • Impact beams
  • Seat structures
  • Floor plates
  • Upper frame for buses
  • Train car body
While EASI parts may become damaged in a crash, they still absorb energy and lead it further into the structure, ensuring the integrity of the molded part. The same level of performance cannot be reached with other types of reinforcing technology like fiber-reinforced laminates or other carbon/glass fiber fabrics. 

Lower Emission Standards

By using lightweight EASI solutions, vehicles will have lower fuel consumption and thus  significantly reduce their emissions. This helps the OEMs  to meet emission standards. 


A first production part based on compression molding with  PP GMT (glass mat reinforced thermoplastics) was developed and used in the Mercedes SLS AMG; it received the AVK Innovation Award in 2008.
Since 2010 Bekaert has been investigating steel cord reinforced PA injection molded parts for the automotive industry. 

Mercedes bumper
EASI in a Mercedes SLS AMG crash bumper beam

What can Bekaert steel do for you?

Bekaert can provide a number of benefits for the plastics industry. 
  • Make your plastic unbreakable using steel cord (the EASI concept).
  • Protect your plastic components: Even a small amount of our Bekinox fibers can provide an electrically conductive network for electrostatic discharge, or they can also provide excellent shielding against electromagnetic interference
  • Reinforce your window frames: Would you like to reinforce your window frames and other plastic structures? We can create wire that provides customizable reinforcement and strength.
  • ... 
Let’s work together to make your life easier.

For more information, please contact: Peter Janssens, peter.janssens@bekaert.com or visit the product page on our website

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