Steel Guy Wire for Electric Utilities

Steel guy wire is a tensioned cable that stabilizes free-standing structures. Its applications extend to power and electric utilities, telecommunications and towers. Terms like guy strand, guy cable, guy rope and guy anchors are interchangeable. The way we talk about guy wire changes based on the structure it secures. A vertical mast anchored by guy strands, for example, is a guyed mast. Structures with a latticework construction, however, are "towers" when affixed by guy wire.

two construction workers installing guy strand on electric utility pole 

Guy wire is ideal for stabilizing and securing structures because it has a high strength-to-weight ratio. Guy strands anchor a structure by connecting the object to the ground some distance away. They create an angled wire between the vertical structure and the ground.

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Steel Guy Wire Specifications for Electric Utilities

Steel guy wire comes in a variety of strengths, lengths and wires per strand for use in several applications, including telecommunications and electrical service guy wire.

Bekaert manufactures a wider range of guy strands than any other supplier in North American power utility and telecom markets. Our clients determine specifications like:

  • Wires per strand: The number of wires per strand determines which weight and diameter options are available.
  • Minimum breaking strength: This factor depends on the strand's grade. It describes how much force you can safely apply to the cable.
  • Minimum weight of coating: Choose a coating class that meets your needs without adding unnecessary weight to your tensioned cables.

Steel Guy Wire for Electric Utilities Use 

Utility poles are buried deep underground, which makes them sturdy. Poles at the end of long, straight sections, though, are more vulnerable to movement. Utility companies use power line guy wire on those last poles for more security.

Utility guy wire also has applications in securing other structures associated with electric utilities. Guy cables stabilize the masts that allow electricity to enter buildings. They also anchor utility towers. Even alternative electricity sources, like wind power, use guy strands for security. Guy wires anchor wind turbines to the ground surrounding the tower to hold them in place.

steel guy wire

Benefits of Steel Guy Wire

Securing utility structures with electrical guy wire from Bekaert has several benefits besides safety and quality.

One of those advantages is the availability of Bezinal® coating. Bezinal is an aluminum and zinc alloy that protects your tension cables from the elements and keeps your steel guy strands free from corrosion, which is a major cause of breakage and degradation. In addition to their corrosion resistance, steel guy wires have standardized strength levels. Bekaert also offers Class A, Class B and Class C galvanized coating options.

Regardless of your region, we can manufacture your guy strands 100% locally when necessary. Since we produce your order after confirming your custom specifications, you know that you're receiving new, meticulously manufactured cables.

Why Choose Bekaert?

Bekaert is the leading North American supplier of galvanized steel wire that meets Buy America Act provisions. Our long-term reputation and competitive lead times make us stand out as an industry leader. We manufacture our products in America and have unmatched customer service in our industry. Our extensive sales team is knowledgeable about our complete portfolio of safe, premium quality products. When you partner with Bekaert, we'll meet and exceed your expectations with our expert advice and support.

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