Guy Wire for Telephone Pole Support -

Guy Wire for Telephone Pole Support

Guy wire has several names, including guy strand, guy rope, guy line and guy. Various industries use guy wire to secure free-standing systems as this wire stabilizes many of the world's largest human-made structures. Those structures include radio towers, windmills and, in the telecommunications industry, telephone poles.

guy strand on telephone poles

Most formations require at least three guy strands to secure the object properly. On a telephone pole, each guy wire creates an angle between the vertical pole and the ground. While guyed structures need a larger area for their foundation, they are more cost-effective than most self-supporting structures.

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Steel Guy Wire Specifications for Telecommunications

Guy wire must meet your needs for utility pole support, which is why Bekaert manufactures steel guy wire to your exact specifications. Our production facilities have incredible flexibility. We can manufacture steel wire in any shape, with any composition and mechanical characteristics. In an industry where creating guy wire for telephone poles means a customized order, we can create a solution strong enough to keep utility poles in place even during high winds.

Various aspects of your guy wire can change how it performs. Some specifications you can make when you order guy strands are:

  • Wires per strand.
  • Minimum breaking strength.
  • Minimum coating weight.
steel guy wire

Steel Guy Wire for Telecommunications Use 

In the telecommunications industry, guy wires stabilize telephone poles — one end of the guy strand attaches to high points on the pole, and an anchor attaches the other end to the ground. There are several types of guy anchors, including dead man, grouted, expanding and screw anchors.

Telephone poles have a large portion of their length buried underground. Most often, guy wires are necessary on dead-end or anchor poles.

Benefits of Steel Guy Wire for Telecommunications

Steel guy wire has several advantages for telecommunications use. One of the most notable benefits for power lines is our galvanized steel wire's corrosion resistance. Corrosion is a degrading process that encourages breakage, and weakened guy wires can snap in high winds or inclement weather. We coat all steel wires with quality coatings to prevent oxidation. Each of our coatings provides impressive longevity in the face of exposure.

Our coating options are Class A, Class B and Class C zinc galvanization. We also have Bezinal® coating available, a unique alloy that falls outside our range of zinc coatings. At Bekaert, we put our coatings through a rigorous testing process to ensure corrosion resistance, especially for guy wires used to support telephone poles. Bezinal® even performs better than pure zinc galvanization under various conditions.

Why Choose Bekaert?

When you work with us, you form a solid partnership between your company and our American manufacturing facilities. Bekaert is the leading independent manufacturer of steel wire products. We produce high-quality steel guy wire and pole line hardware that matches your unique specifications. You can also take advantage of our flexibility, impressive lead times and competitive pricing.

Bekaert has more than a century of manufacturing experience. We combine that history with innovative solutions for modern systems while offering expert advice and customer support. Our team is dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations across North America. 

Choose Bekaert for our commitment to your safety, sustainability and success. Request more information about our telephone guy wire today.