Steel Guy Wire for Tower Support -

Steel Guy Wire for Tower Support

Guy wire is also called guy strand, guy line and guy rope. It has applications in various industries, including telecommunications and the transmission and distribution of electricity. Steel guy wire stabilizes free-standing structures such as radio transmission cell towers that support antennas for broadcasting and telecommunications. Though some radio transmission cell towers are self-supported, guyed towers are more common in wireless, broadband and point-to-point communications.

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Guy wire's high strength-to-weight ratio makes it ideal for securing large structures to the surrounding area. These wires create an angle between the tower and the ground, so they take up space but are more cost-effective when considering initial cost, transportation and installation.

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Steel Guy Wire Specifications for Towers

At Bekaert, we offer the widest selection of steel wire products for various industries, including power utility, data transmission and telecommunication markets. We manufacture wire that conforms to your specifications with options to change the wires per strand, minimum weight of the coating and minimum breaking strength.

Quality and safety are industry standards, and Bekaert maximizes both by building every piece in your order to your exact specifications. We're dedicated to your satisfaction and only create guy wires for radio towers that promote secure installation.

Steel Guy Wire and Anchors for Tower Use 

Radio masts and towers are some of the tallest human-made structures. Therefore, they need reliable stabilizers. To create that support, installation teams affix the guy strands to the vertical mast. These connections occur on the upper parts of the support tower. The other end of the guy strand attaches to the ground via an anchor. There are several kinds of anchors available for tower use, including:

  • Dead man anchors.
  • Screw anchors.
  • Expanding anchors.
  • Grouted anchors.

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Benefits of Steel Guy Wire for Towers

Companies need steel guy wire for transmission towers because of this wire's numerous advantages, including longevity and strength. High winds can cause your towers to move, and guy strands must have the strength to hold them in place. Steel guy wires also resist breaking, even under excessive tension. That means steel guy wire is your company's safest choice for stabilizing tower supports.

Guy strands must withstand long-term exposure, which is why steel guy wires come in a variety of corrosion-resistant coatings. Most guy strands have a galvanized zinc coating. At Bekaert, we offer quality Class A, Class B and Class C galvanization to protect your guy wires from degradation and breakage. We also offer our unique Bezinal® coating — a zinc and aluminum alloy with incredible corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Bekaert?

When you place an order with Bekaert, you enter a solid partnership with our company. You can experience our flexibility and ability to create steel wire in any configuration you request. As North America's largest independent manufacturer of steel wire solutions, we have the experience to produce the products you need. We're also proud to offer expert advice and support to all our clients — we can guide you toward safer and more cost-effective and sustainable operations.

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