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Medical spring wire you can depend on

Bekaert has been delivering some of the best spring wire on the market for decades, to a wide range of industries including construction, automotive, agriculture, energy and medical devices, to name just a few.

The key to our continued success comes down to two words: collaboration and innovation. Our close working relationships with both spring manufacturers, design and pharmaceutical companies has resulted in continuous innovation in the field of medical spring wire production. 

Our steel-based medical spring wire product range has been designed for highly critical medical spring applications. Our products can deliver tight tolerances and higher spring ratings, increased accuracy and repeatability as well as increased fatigue-resistance and anti-corrosion properties – vital characteristics in drug delivery systems and dispensing applications.

We can provide you with the medical spring wire you need based on your rigorous specifications for both simple and complex design solutions from our off-the-shelf range or customize a solution to meet your specific requirements.


Key wire properties

We understand that your requirements can change and evolve over time, based on the nature of the applications where the spring wire is used and the changing standards and requirements that your product must fulfil to maintain its leading market position.

We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our customers’ needs. We approach our innovation and product development process from a strong foundation of four clear properties that define the characteristics of the medical spring wire we deliver to you:

  • What spring force is required by your medical device?
  • How long should it continue to perform?
  • Does it require increased corrosion resistance?
  • What are the design requirements you must meet?
Based on these varying parameters we can help you to find the best solution.
Wire Strength   Dynamic Requirements   Pre-Coating  
Wire Shape


What are your medical spring wire requirements?



Bezinal® versus stainless steel

We offer both both custom-made and off-the-shelf solutions that deliver a range of advantages over traditional stainless steel spring wires, including:

  • 17% higher e-modulus and a higher maximum solid stress
  • Increased fatigue performance
  • Higher coiling speeds and a cleaner working environment
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Longer shelf-life
  • Excellent mechanical properties and ease of production
  • Thanks to the use of alloy-based coatings, our Bezinal products offer a stable price point
  • Higher tensile strength means that smaller springs can be made, offering designers the potential to develop smaller medical devices with reduced production costs. It also means greater repeatability and accuracy in dosing applications coupled with the ability to handle high-viscosity medications
  • Thanks to higher spring forces, improved patient comfort can be achieved thanks to shorter injection times
  • Bezinal coated spring wire is designed to support self-medication solutions for patients and everyday injection, inhaler and dispenser tools for caregivers.
Download the Bezinal White Paper and learn how it compares to stainless steel spring wire


Learn about Bezinal product applications

Advanced medical spring wire coatings that make a difference:
The Bezinal® product family

3d fiber


Coated steel wire for medical springs

The Bezinal product family is designed to offer you a flexible base for all of your medical spring needs. 

Thanks to our ability to adapt spring wire coatings to meet your exacting requirements and working environment, Bekaert delivers both off-the-shelf and custom-coated medical spring wires that deliver the characteristics you need in a cost-efficient manner.
4d fiber

Bezinal® XC

Coated wire for improved coilability

Bezinal XC is a new zinc-aluminium pre-coated spring wire that has been designed for high-end and critical applications, delivering superior corrosion resistance and cathodic protection during the production process. 

Bezinal XC’s excellent coilability means it’s a perfect replacement for springs in applications where dimensional stability and repeatability are paramount, while delivering better results on the production line.
5d fiber

Bezinal® XP

Coated wire for corrosion-resistance

Bezinal XP, a zinc-aluminium coated spring wire, was developed for spring applications in highly humid or alkaline environments. 

Pre-coated for ease of processing, Bezinal XP offers a cleaner working environment and less downtime for coiling machines and a longer shelf-life, thanks to its high corrosion resistance and cathodic protection at ground and cut edges.

Glue technology for three-dimensional reinforcement.

Dramix® steel fibers are bundled with water-soluble glue. The glue helps avoiding fiber balling during mixing and ensures a homogeneous distribution of fibers throughout the concrete mix.

  • A more efficient mixing process
  • Three-dimensional reinforcement
  • No exposed fibers at the concrete surface
  • A homogeneous steel fiber mix