For us, being part of your solution means being part of your business.

Read what better together means for us and how our customers in the Automotive industry experienced this unique cooperation: 

Environmentally friendly and maintenance-free >

Read how Emitec and Bekaert joined forces in 2005. Bekaert engineered a metal fiber filter medium comprising fine, corrosion resistant fibers. Emitec used the Bekaert filter medium into the PM Metallit® system.

Dynamizing business by reinventing the classics >

Bekaert developed the flat blade: a flexible bow made of two parallel wires which conforms perfectly to the curvature of the windshield.

Increased safety via cable security >

Gibraltar Cable Barrier Systems made an existing Bekaert product – a 3 x 7-3/4” diameter cable – into an integral part of an innovative and cost-effective highway security cable system.


Here our some products Bekaert developed for the Automotive industry.

Exhaust Systems
Diesel exhaust filtrationMetal fiber media for diesel exhaust filtration
Thanks to well balanced combinations of fiber weight, fiber diameter and porosity, those filter media can achieve mass efficiencies in between 30% up to 90%.

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Interior (seat)

Insulator wireInsulator wire for car seats
The wire structure covered by a cushion provides support and comfort in the car seat. The framework is made through bending and forming, the wires...

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Exterior (windscreen)

Motor vehicles copyWiper components (Bezinal®): wiper arm
High/Low carbon Bezinal® coated Flat Spring Steel Wire specially designed for high performing front and rear wiping applications.

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 Green applications

Diesel exhaust filtration for trucks - Wheel weights - Hybrid reinforcement fabric for bumper beams

® R
egistered brands


Stainless steel welding wire
Stainless steel springs, bending parts and clamps for safety applications


Springs for locks and brakes
Wiper components: wiper arm
Wiper components: wiper springs and hooks


Wiper components: flat blade
Wiper components: wiper blade (vertebrae wire)

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