Basic materials

For us, being part of your solution means being part of your business.

Read what better together means for us and how our customers in the  Basic Materials sector experienced this unique cooperation:

Conveying it better together for lower cost-of-ownership >

Bekaert has been working with conveyor belt manufacturers to develop and implement belt reinforcement solutions based on steel cord.


Rock solid solutions >

We answered Hartek's needs for fast, efficient and long-lasting sawing wire to cut marble.

Here our some products Bekaert developed for the Automotive industry.

Bekaert - Stainless steel fibres - BekinoxStainless steel fibres for anti-static textiles
Bekaert Bekinox ® stainless steel fibres and yarns are used to safely discharge static electricity which can lead to explosions...

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Sputter hardware large area
Sputter hardware for large area glass coating
More than 15 years of experience in cylindrical sputter technology results in an extensive offer of...

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Flexible tubeFlexible ducts
Plastic coated (PU) low carbon wire to reinforce large flexible ducts used to transport gases, food and other material.

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 Green applications

Hot gas filtration media - Polymer filtration media

® Trademarks


multifilament yarn for cut-resistant gloves
Stainless steel fibres for shielding textiles

Fleximat® for conveyor belts

Beki-Shield® Conductive Plastics

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