For us, being part of your solution means being part of your business.

Read what better together means for us and how our customers in the Construction industry experienced this unique cooperation:

Toward better roads in Poland >

Mesh Track is an extraordinary technical performer, economical and durable: thanks to this product, annual road repairs can be avoided.

Advancing our customers’market position >

We knit our finest fibers into a textile for use in gas burners. The structure of the textile promotes optimum combustion of the gas/air mixture.

Pioneering in underwater tunnel support >

Locobouw selected Bekaert and its Dramix® steel fibers for the construction of the Liefkenshoek rail tunnel. 


Here our some products Bekaert developed for the Construction industry:

Concrete reinforcement
Dramix® steel fibers
Meet the most reliable and cost-effective concrete reinforcement solution today.

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Elevator ropeElevator rope wire
Range of high carbon wires for elevator rope applications according to EN-10264-2 or according to customer specs.

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Roads and bridges

GuiderailCables for motorway median barriers
Efficient guide rails to reduce the possibility of median crossover accidents. 

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Bekaert-green leaf Green applications

Dramix® and Dramix® Green steel fibers for concrete reinforcement - Gas burners and heat exchangers

® Trademarks

Dramix ®

steel fibres for tunnel applications
steel fibers for residential applications
steel fibres for precast elements
steel fibers for industrial floors
steel fibers for civil works
steel fibers for concrete reinforcement

Dramix® Booster - automatic dosing equipment

Furinit®: compact premix gas burner

Aconit®: cylindrical or flat premix gas burner

Furipat®: refractory steel cylindrical premix gas burner

Mesh Track / Bitufor ®

Murfor ® masonry reinforcement

Murfor®+ masonry reinforcement

Brickforce ®

Bricktor ®

Stucanet®, Widra®, Armanet®: Rendering solutions

Rendalath ®

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