Consumer goods

For us, being part of your solution means being part of your business.

Read what better together means for us and how our customers in the  Consumer Goods sector experienced this unique cooperation:

Optimizing champagne cork pressure >

We worked with the ICAS-HITE-Schneider group engineering the perfect champagne cork wire: strong but easy to bend, with a soft coating that does
not flake off.

Products Bekaert developed for the Consumer Goods sector:

Champagne cork wireChampagne Cork wire
Musslet wire from Bekaert is available in Galvanized, lacquered or Bekipro® coated wire in 0.95 and 1.00mm...

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Sports & leisure

SkiliftRope wire for cable ways
Extensive range of high carbon rope wire for cable way applications according to EN-10264-2/EN-10264-3 or according to...

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Paper Goods

Bookbinding wire - Comb wire O - double loop and spiralBookbinding wire
The wire products used for bookbinding application are low carbon wires coated with Zinc, Tin or polymer (PET, Nylon and biodegradable).

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Bekaert-green leaf Green applications

Hot gas filtration media - Polymer filtration media - Ecobind® bookbinding wire

® Trademarks

Ecobind® bookbinding wire

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