For us, being part of your solution means being part of your business.

Read what better together means for us and how our customers in the Equipment sector experienced this unique cooperation:

Working the oil sands together with our customers >

Bekaert Wire Rope Industries (Canada) has been working in close cooperation with one of its customers harnessing the resources of the
Alberta oil sands in Canada.

Boosting productivity for the nonwoven textile industry >

We developed together with CSIRO the SiroLock®, a unique carding wire that significantly improves the carding process for nonwoven textile products.

Here our some products Bekaert developed for the Equipment sector:

Textile machinery

Non-woven cardsCarding solutions for non woven cards
Bekaert offers a full range of card clothing products and auxilliaries for all fibre opening and carding applications.

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Brush Wires

Street sweeperStreet sweepers Brush wires
Street sweepers consist of a vehicle equipped with a circular brush system in the center and a gutter broom at ...

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Textile Machinery

Textile wire
Sintered metal fiber filtration media
Bekipor® ST is the most reliable stainless steel sintered fiber filtration media available. The multiple different compositions...

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® Trademarks


Stainless steel wire for shafts or burrs

Beki-Shield® Conductive Plastics
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