Gasoline Particulate Filter media

Gasoline Particulate Filter media
Bekaert’s gasoline particulate filter consists of a series of highly porous, 3-dimensional media of sintered metal fibers.  Our metal fiber media can be shaped into unlimited designs, allowing high flexibility for further integration into the exhaust system.

Ticking all the boxes

The filter excels in efficiency and durability, has a high sound absorption and eliminates the need for a silencer or muffler. Because the filter only uses a low regeneration temperature, no complex regeneration strategy is needed.

Amp your filtration performance

The unique structure of Bekaert’s metal fiber media consists of very fine, lightweight metal fibers (Æ of 17-22-30 µm). These can be fine-tuned in terms of porosity (up to 88%) and alloy to achieve optimal filter performance and durability. The high porosity of the media can significantly improve the pressure drop over the filter. Choosing the right alloy makes the media more resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures (up to 1100°C).


  • Meeting EURO VI PN requirements at very low ΔP
  • Elimination of silencer
  • No complex regeneration strategy needed
  • Flexible design and coating possibilities


Gasoline DI Passenger car
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