Bekipor® porous metallic structures for catalyst substrates

catalyst substrate solutions for plant
Bekipor® porous metal fiber structures provide high performance and reliability for catalytic converter substrates, leading to outstanding emission cleaning efficiency. The Bekipor® metal fiber portfolio comprises a wide variety of different alloys and element metals as well as a broad range of diameters to meet the demands of specific applications.

Meeting the fluid dynamics requirements of catalytic processes

Bekipor® features a high active surface area, providing a firm foundation for porous catalytic coatings. High porosities of 50-85% ensure low pressure drops. Low back-pressure and low weight at system level in mobile applications contribute to advanced energy efficiency.

Unique thermal characteristics

Bekipor® metal fiber products resist temperatures up to 1000°C in the presence of oxygen. Their low thermal inertia leads to fast response times and their low temperature gradients over the catalytic bed minimize hot spots.

First choice for photocatalytic processes

UV/VIS light penetrates the Bekipor® open metal fiber structure to enable decomposition reactions on photocatalytic surfaces and efficient use of the catalytic bed.


  • Huge surface area
  • Robust thermal and chemical corrosion resistance
  • Low delta P
  • High light penetration


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