Closed Diesel Particulate Filter for passive regeneration

closed filter DPF metal fibre

Efficient, tunable, adaptable, metal filter medium for Diesel Particulate Filter.
A low weight solution.
A plug and play solution standing for lower assembly costs.
The closed filter concept guarantees compatibility with current and future legislation.
Reference tests prove: at FEV and at Flanders Drive. This means time and costs reduction of further development.



  • Low back pressure
  • High efficient exhaust filter thanks to metal fiber - Bekipor®WB
  • Filter tunability means taylormade performance possibilities
  • Filter design adaptability leads to unlimited possibilities to change in shape, size, dimensional requirements, etc of canning


Non Road Mobile Machinery - NRMM Heavy Duty (truck) Marine engine Particulate Filter


Back pressure required 10-20 mBar, 20-50 mBar, 50-70 mBar, more than 70 mBar
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