Fiber concrete reinforcement for tunneling and mining

Choosing the right fiber for your underground project is an important step in the design process. If you are looking for an experienced manufacturer of fiber concrete reinforcement for tunneling and mining applications, Bekaert is your partner. Check out our products.

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Your partner in underground applications

We have the right fiber for any job or performance requirement. Our products include synthetic and steel fiber solutions. We aim to offer you the smartest fiber solution to reinforce your project. 

Understanding the art of tunneling

It is not only about products, it is also about people. Our fiber reinforcement product range derives from experts spending years of research on finding the best fiber for each unique application.

Global expert services 

Our design services rely on international standards and guidelines. Thanks to our global network a, we offer on-site support and design guidance virtually anywhere in the world. 

Bekaert offers: 

  • On time delivery and high delivery capacity.
  • Support in mix design optimization.
  • Testing and dosing equipment.