Murfor®+ Masonry Reinforcement

Murfor®+ Masonry Reinforcement

With Murfor®+, Bekaert introduces the new generation of masonry reinforcement, building on its long-standing tradition of quality and innovation. Murfor®+ offers a number of significant improved benefits to the designer architect/engineer, and to the contractor installer.

Murfor®+ is BETTER

Murfor®+ is fitted with spacers in the diagonal wires which ensure perfect positioning in the mortar joint. Moreover, the longitudinal wires are ribbed for even better anchorage in the mortar.

Murfor®+ is FASTER

Conventional Murfor® always has to be pressed down into the mortar. To achieve this, laying out a long bed of mortar in advance is required. In addition, often a second mortar layer is needed. Both of these operations are time consuming and not always practical due to the quick-drying properties of the mortar. With Murfor®+, by contrast, the reinforcement is placed directly onto the masonry wall and a single application of the mortar layer is then sufficient, as the smart spacers allow the mortar to flow under the longitudinal wires.

Murfor®+ is STRONGER

The optimal positioning of Murfor®+ combined with the ribbed longitudinal wires ensures the maximum reinforcement effect. The perfect reinforcement positioning guarantees the validity of the architect’s or engineer’s design, which is always based on correct positioning. Moreover, the use of ribs to improve anchorage allows design with a higher tensile strength value of the steel.


  • Spacers for perfect positioning in the mortar
  • Ribs for improved anchorage
  • Faster and more convenient to apply
  • Maximum reinforcement effect and higher tensile strength of the steel


Crack-free long walls
Seismic reinforcement
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