Mesh Track® / Bitufor® Steel-based structural asphalt reinforcement

Mesh Track being installed
Keep your roads maintenance-free for 30 years or longer. Mesh Track® is a steel-based woven steel netting for structural road renovations. Its high performing material properties and hexagonal structure offer unique benefits in terms of recyclability, durability and usability.

Benefits of Mesh Track®

Mesh Track® is completely cradle-to-cradle. The steel can be reprocessed without losing material integrity.

Long-lasting performance
Mesh Track® has been around for more than 30 years. Whereas roads with a typical top layer need renovation every 5 year.

Fast and easy installation
Installing Mesh Track® requires less digging and is very easy to install. This leads to significant overall cost-savings.

Discover how it works in the following video or learn how to install Mesh Track®.

Working with Mesh Track® takesless time and is cheaper

€ 172,000
(VAT incl. )

10 weeks
(digging works and concrete curing incl. )

€ 142,000
(VAT incl. )

8 weeks
(digging works incl. )

€ 110,000
(VAT incl. )

4 weeks


  • Cradle-to-cradle
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Fast and easy installation


Asphalt resurfacing
Concrete resurfacing
Grass reinforcement
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