Sintered fiber media for regenerator materials -

Sintered fiber media for regenerator materials

Sintered fiber media for Stirling engines
Bekaert regenerator media for Stirling engines can be supplied as webs, sintered sheets or as highly porous 3 dimensional sintered fiber media. Depending on your engine design, Bekaert offers a wide range of fiber alloys, including 316L, Fecralloy, Inconel, Hastalloy. To meet your design the fibers are available in diameters ranging from 2 to 40 µm.

Large controllable surface area

Bekaert sintered fiber media increases the controllable surface area within your engine to retain heat that would otherwise be lost to the environment. Providing a fast heat transfer, the media is able to deal efficiently with severe cycle temperature fluctuations.

High efficiency, long service-life

The random fiber structure of Bekaert sintered fiber media results in a very high porosity (up to 92%). This reduces pressure drop, increases performance and boost the durability of your engine design. The long fiber matrix avoids fiber shedding. This prevents particles from migrating to seals, bearing and clearance spaces which might wear out your engine prematurely.

Adaptable shape for the perfect fit

When supplied as 3D sintered fiber medium the cylindrical or ring-shaped structure can be swaged into assembly to ensure a tight fit. The medium can also be sintered onto your displacer cylinder or other engine part.


  • Fast heat transfer (low thermal inertia)
  • Low pressure drop
  • High engine efficiency (high heat capacity)
  • Extended engine life


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