Our core competences

Transforming steel wire and applying coatings is our core business. The combination of the two core competences results in a broad range of products for many sectors and industries.

Strengthening our technological leadership in these competences drives our innovation process.

Steel wire transformation

Through steel wire transformation, we influence the properties of steel such as strength, ductility, fatigue and shape.

wire rod preview

Wire rod

  • Our main raw material, annual sourcing of more than 3 million tons
  • Worldwide network of suppliers
  • Wide range of compositions and grades to best suit the application

Cold rolling

  • Changes the dimensions of the material by passing it between one or more pairs of driven precision-ground rolls
  • Increases the pysical properties, reduces or eliminates scrap

Wire drawing

  • Basic process for metal transformation
  • Diameter reduction and wire elongation
  • Increased strength and reduced ductility

Thermal treatment

  • Creates a specific, homogeneous crystallographic steel structure
  • Creates the right mechanical properties for further deformation or for the final application
  • Processes: patenting, batch annealing, hardening and tempering

Cord making

  • Combines different high strength wires into a cord, cable or rope
  • Creates cables that are stronger and more flexible than individual wires
  • Cables can be tailored to be used in a range of different applications

Textile technologies

  • For processing steel wires, cords and fibers
  • To reinforce products and/or maintain flexibility
  • Processes: knitting, weaving, braiding,…

Metal fiber production & products

  • Produces wire and filaments with a diameter ranging from 1 to 40µm
  • Processes: bundling and drawing

Welding/mesh production

  • To produce nets and mesh
  • Mainly used as reinforcement
  • Processes: welding, weaving or chainlink


  • Round wires are deformed to flat wires and special shapes
  • Processes: rolling or profiled die drawing

Coating technologies

With our coating technologies, we adjust the surface properties of our steel wires to achieve your desired outcome.

hot dip

Hot dip

  • Provides corrosion protection
  • Wire passed through molten zinc or zinc-aluminum bath
  • Used for wire in exposed environments
electro deposition

Electro deposition

  • Adds the properties of other metals such as copper or zinc to wire
  • Can improve aesthetics or processability


  • For superior corrosion protection, conductivity and strength
  • Combines the characteristics of two or more metals, such as strength and conductivity

Extrusion of polymers

  • Plastic coating for aesthetics, anti-corrosion, fatigue and friction resistance
  • A wide range of polymers
  • Coating thickness from 20 to 500µm


  • Aesthetics and anti-corrosion
  • Offers a high-gloss, durable finish
  • Champagne cork wire and other applications
powder coating

Powder coating

  • Dry coating, either fluidized or electrostatic
  • Provides thermoplastic coating for aesthetics and weather-resistance
  • Used to protect objects such as welded meshes against corrosion