Cerco de protección contra rocas (Bezalplast®)

Alambre galvanizado, con alto contenido de carbono, revestido en plástico.

Calidad Bezalplast.

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Keeping it strong

Made from 3 or 7 high carbon steel wires, Bekaert’s rock protection strands are the combination of high tensile strength with excellent ductility. Creates a strong and effective barrier against sliding landmasses.

Protected against the elements

Our strands are made from final galvanized or redrawn Bezinal® coated wires.  The coatings protect the wires against harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures.

Withstands heavy processing

Bekaert’s rock protection strands are easy to process.  They withstand demanding downstream processing and deformation without losing their mechanical properties. The strands are produced according to EN-10264-2 specifications.  For customers with stranding capabilities, the wires are available separately.





  • Resistencia a la corrosión
  • Menor fricción
  • Buena adhesión del revestimiento
  • Dureza


Material a granel Acero al carbono
Forma Alambre
Revestimiento Combinaciones, Otro polímero, Poliéster, Bezinal