Control cable

Push-pull and control cables made of Bekaert galvanized steel wire provide excellent transmission of mechanical motion. The wire can be stranded to a strong yet flexible cable. This reduces kinking, bending and distortion of the unsupported core inside the conduit. Bekaert control cable wire is available in most standard grades and diameters.  The wires are suitable for the production of control cables used in most industries.

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Optimizing your stranding process

Bekaert has a long history in producing wire for the automotive industry. Over the years we optimized this high tensile low elongation wire for a smooth stranding process and low friction. With our combined global knowledge and supply base, we are certain to have the product to meet your production requirements.

Durable and fail-safe quality

Bekaert control cable wire consists of highest quality raw materials. This results in an efficient and reliable performance that often extends the service life of the system. Industries that need durable and fail-safe systems such as the automotive, aerospace and industrial industry can fully count on the efficiency of Bekaert control cable.



  • Enables a smooth stranding process
  • Meets your production requirements
  • Enables high control efficiency
  • Long service-life


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