Baling wire

Bekaert’s steel pulp baling and unitizing wire is a high carbon, galvanized wire with a smooth finish. Use it to tie materials into bales efficiently, including hay, cardboard or more. The smooth zinc coating causes less dust during the baling process and increases the lifetime of your baling machines. We also offer customized unwinding equipment and technical support.

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Creates a perfect knot

Bekaert baling wire has uniform tensile strength and elongation properties. You can form a strong knot with minimum stretch. The galvanized coating is clean and un-waxed. The smooth surface unwinds easily on fully automatic strapping machines and enables an efficient tying process.

Assuring your safety

The wire meets your specific mechanical requirements and safety norms, securing the safe handling of your pulp bales and load units.

Maximize your productivity and bale quality

To positively contribute to your production process, Bekaert offers technical support and customized unwinding equipment.





  • Perfect strapping and knot formation with high pullout strength
  • Uninterrupted smooth unwinding on fully automatic strapping machines
  • Increases the lifetime of your baling machines
  • Customized unwinding equipment and technical support available


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Zinc
Number of Wires 13 - 37