Welded gabion wire

When it comes down to constructing infrastructures for public projects, we know how critical it is to have your structure withstand the test of time.
At BEKAERT we are well aware of these challenges and due to continuous innovation, we developed welded gabions that answers
to the highest market standards with our Bezinal®5000 coating. The wire has both high flexibility and high tensile strength. Our specialized, zinc-aluminum coatings end the need for post-galvanization, saving you both time and money.

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Creating a solid retaining wall

Our Bezinal®2000 coated, low carbon wire stays intact during the welding process. You can protect your design against corrosion even at the welded joints.  You can use it in many applications including: crowded city centers, country landscapes, architectural or structural elements.

Superior corrosion protection

Bekaert’s zinc aluminum coatings, Bezinal® and Bezinal®2000, offer higher corrosion protection than zinc and contain a temperature-resistant, intermetallic layer. They maintain their excellent properties without cracking or flaking, even after heavy deformation. They meet international  standards ASTM A641 and EN 10244.



  • Extends the lifetime of the welded panel
  • Protects welds
  • Easy to process
  • No post-galvanization required


Shape Wire
Bulk Material C-steel
Coating Bezinal® , Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000