Durafence 高度セキュリティ用スチールフェンス

Durafence high security fencing solutions consist of welded panels or heavy chain-link fencing with matching crash rated posts and security gates. To meet any design or environment, our fencing solutions are available in different heights and with different coating solutions such as zinc, polyester and Bezinal® 2000 zinc aluminum.


Long-lasting, maximum security

Durafence welded panels feature a 3D design that prevents climbing or any willfully damage caused by cutting tools or other instruments. Our fences safeguard a wide range of high security facilities including, but not limited to borders, nuclear power stations, prisons, airports, industrial parks, banks and defense facilities.

Customizable solution

Durafence fencing solutions include all fittings and fixtures and are also available with matching posts and security gates. To increase their longevity, our fencing solutions are available with different or combined coating solutions including zinc, polyester and Bezinal® 2000, our own brand of zinc aluminum.  Our panel solutions are modular and available in different heights.

Experienced provider

Our experience in producing fences for a wide range of purposes enables us to provide you with the best possible solution and technical support.  We have the unique ability to control the entire production process of our fences, from wire rod to finished product.





  • Maximum security
  • Rapid deployment
  • Anti-climb
  • Modular design