Flexisteel® Fitness Cable is an innovative cable for fitness equipment. It consists of a high tensile steel wire cable covered with PA (Polyamide). The technology is based on proven technology used in elevators.


The combination of these properties results in a stronger and more durable high bending fatigue steel wire cable. Its properties exceed those of conventional fitness cables.

The 7x19 zinc-coated cables with nylon jacket (PA), can be custom made for fitness equipment manufacturers (OEM). It also allows for a more economical fitness equipment design. We can vary the diameters, bending fatigue and other properties. 

This makes it the best quality-price cable solution available on the market today.  



  • Long lifetime (Bending fatigue)
  • Strength & Safety (Breaking load)
  • Performance & Flexibility
  • High quality


Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Cord- rope - strand
Coating Other polymer, Nylon, Zinc
Number of Wires 100-1000