FAQ for Fencing

Are fencings unique to the kind of application?
Yes, it would depend on what kind of animals are you looking to protect your farm from

What all options for fencing come under the Duron brand?
We have 3 fencing options: Fixed Knot fence – very sturdy and high impact resistant, protection against smaller animals like rabbits upto blue bull (nilgai), Hinge joint fence – Comparatively lower impact resistant vs Fixed knot, suitable for small impact animals upto goats - farm pond fencing, goat farming etc. . & High tensile barbed wire fence – suitable for all farm fencing. High tensile so no sagging

What coating do you have on your fences?
Bezinal, it’s a zinc aluminum alloy. 

Can the sizes be customized?
Today we sell rolls in sizes of 4 feet and 6 feet height with a width of 50 meters.

Is there a specification for the kind of poles that we need to use?
Yes, we would recommend using iron poles at every 20 meters and channels at every 50 meters to ensure the needed tension 

Can I get the fences erected through any installer?
We would suggest using Bekaert trained installers to install the fences, as these require special equipment which the Bekaert trained installers have and are very well versed with the technique of installation.