FAQ for Tensioning

Do you provide wires for Grape Trellising? 
Yes, we provide wires for variety of horticulture fruits and vegetables like Grapes, Pomegranate, Apple, Tomato, Bell peppers, Chillies etc

Are the wires you provide specially designed and developed to suit these crops/furits?
Yes the wires are not only developed and manufactured to suit the application but also suit the environment. We come with a 140 year long history and alongwith it similar experience in R&D. Today we cater to various specialized applications across different sectors in more than 120 countries across the world.

Are you providing any guarantee on the life of the product? 
Yes, we are providing a 20 year guarantee against rusting of the product i.e. we guarantee the wires we provide to you will not rust for a period of 20 years. 

How will your wire avoid rusting for as long as 20 years when used in the farm environment? 
Our wires are coated with Bezinal 2000 using a revolutionary coating technology and tested in salt spray for more than 2000 hours without rusting. Due to the sacrificial property of our coating, the wires will not catch rust even when they come in contact with rusty surfaces of your angles. 

What are the wire diameters that I will have to use for the Grape farm?
We recommend different wire diameters for different types of systems. For Y type system we recommend you to look at our Star and Pro system and for Mandap/Bower system 

The wire diameters proposed are lower in size than standard galvanised, will they be suitable to withstand the high yield of my Grape farm? 
Yes, our wire diameters have been worked out to address the high yield in your farm. Our wires are high tensile with 3 times more breaking load than standard galvanised, hence they can withstand more load.

Will the installation of these high tensile be similar as compared to standard wires?
Yes, the installation of our wires for farm applications is very easy and similar to the standard wires. The regular wire installer teams can easily adapt to the nature of the wire and install the same in your farm.

Will I get more length in your wires per kg for the sizes your recommend?
Yes our wires come with significantly higher length per kg for the sizes. Here is a glimpse on what length's you will get per kg

Will the per acre requirement be less than standard galvanised wires?
Yes, with the wires we recommend the total quantity required per acre will be significantly lower by upto 40-50% compared to standard galvanised wire.

Can we use wire sizes as per our experience and choice?
Yes, you may choose sizes of wires as per your requirement and suitability. 

Is the guarantee you provide valid only if we purchase and install as per your recommended design? 
Yes, the guarantee will remain on the coating as per the applicable terms & conditions mentioned in the guaratee card.

I have been using standard Galvanised wire for my Grape farm over the last two generations, is there any other benefit for me in switching to this wire other than 20 years guarantee on rusting? 
Yes, apart from the guarantee on rusting, when you use our wires your recurring expenses of re-tensioning the wire every year post harvest will reduce significantly. This will help in reducing your total cost of ownership of the farm over the lifecycle of 12 years.