Kailash – Has used Bekaert wires for his grape farm in 1.5 acres of land. He is very satisfied with the wires as he finds that Bekaert wires last longer than the ones available in the market as its coating prevent rust.  He has installed the wires for more than 5 seasons and has never needed to retension them. Additionally Bekaert gives a 20 year guarantee so he wants everyone to try it.

Nilesh – He has been using other wires on is farm for 12 years and could not re-use the wires after the first crop (8 years) as it rusted so he planned to move to stainless steel, but the dealer convinced him on Duron wires. He has installed it 3 years back and is very happy with it. He finds the coating good and installation very easy. The wire also has guarantee on rusting and hence it is a good option to use according to him