EMI shielding textiles FAQ


1. What shielding efficiency can be achieved with metal fiber?

A shielding protection up to 60 dB in a frequency range of 300 to 10 GHz.

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2. What is important to know when designing a shielding material?

Which frequency to shield, distance to source and the desired effectiveness of the shield. Based on these paramaters you can define the percentage of metal needed, thickness of the material and openings in the conductive grid.

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3. What is the difference between an electric field and magnetic field?
  •  Electric field = an appliance that is plugged in, and therefore connected to a source of electricity, has an electric field even when the appliance is turned off.
  •  Magnetic field = the appliance must be not only plugged in, but also operating, so that the current is flowing.

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4. What is electromagnetic shielding?

The practice of reducing the electromagnetic field in a space by blocking the field with barriers made of conductive or magnetic materials.

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5. What is shielding effectiveness (db)?

Shielding effectiveness is a result of absorption, reflection and re-reflection to a lesser degree of the electromagnetic field.

  •  0 - 10 dB --> Low shielding efficiency
  •  10 - 20 dB --> Medium shielding efficiency
  •  20 - 30 dB --> High shielding efficiency
  •  Over 30 dB --> Very high shielding efficiency

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