EMI shielding textiles

What is EMI?


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a common phenomenon in daily life. An example is the annoying buzzing noise heard through old TV speakers when you are on your cellphone. This example is rather harmless, but this does not mean that EMI should be ignored; more serious consequences of this phenomenon include the malfunctioning of sensitive, important equipment. EMI can also negatively affect the health of people.

Create a Faraday cage with metal fibers


Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is caused by electromagnetic waves, which can originate from all sorts of different man-made or natural sources. These electromagnetic waves can create unwanted noise or disturbances with other electrical equipment. A Faraday cage creates a barrier to protect the electrical equipment. It will ensure that the power of the incoming wave is reflected and absorbed and that the outgoing wave will reduce in power. Metal fibers can be used to create a Faraday cage by incorporating them into textiles. Due to the high conductivity of the metal fibers, you will be able to reach very high levels of shielding effectiveness.

Benefits of metal fibers for shielding textiles:

  • Increased durability 
  • High conductivity
  • High flexibility
  • Softness and high contact comfort
  • Temperature resistance
  • Possibility to blend with other textile fibers
  • Superior electrical resistance after frequent washing