Mesh wire for airbag filter

Bekaert mesh wire is a fine, low carbon wire that is either galvanized or black annealed. The wires can be easily woven, knitted, rolled, sintered or welded into airbag filter meshes.

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Flexible yet strong

The wire is made from alloys that feature excellent anti-corrosive and thermal properties. It resists contact with highly corrosive agents. It also withstands thermal shocks caused by the deployment of the airbag.  Woven into a mesh, the filter media can be easily shaped to match any configuration. This allows easy integration into different parts of the airbag system.

Bekaert mesh wire for airbag filters fulfills the following purposes:

  • Filtration: avoids smoke and dust or fragmented particles in the airbag
  • Cooling: cools down the hot gasses and smother the flame during combustion
  • Managing airflows: distributes the air when the airbag goes off
  • Seals and resists heat shock (the mesh does not melt due to high heat)


  • Automotive
  • Steering system
  • Airbag inflators and filters wire mesh
  • Welded wire meshes are used to keep things together and give some mechanical support.
  • Knitted steel wire meshes are especially meant to cool the hot gasses. Their filtering capacity is rather small.
  • Woven (square weaving) wire meshes are mainly used to filter particles out of the produced gasses or to store the combustion pellets in the combustion chamber.
  • Their mass also helps to cool the hot gasses.


  • Cools down hot gasses and protects against thermal shocks
  • Enables a smooth and easy production process
  • Operates perfectly in hostile environments
  • Allows various configurations


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