Bekaert Fleximat® is a woven steel cord fabric that has been designed to reinforce rubber conveyor belts. Its structure consists of longitudinal cables that are woven together with transversal cables forming a heat, impact and cut resistant barrier.


Fleximat® uses, in the longitudinal direction, regular cords for long-haul conveyors or high-impact cords for heavy-duty applications. In the transversal direction, high-stretch cords offer troughability and high-rigidity cords offer lateral stability. Fleximat® can be processed on classical textile belt production lines.

Because Fleximat® provides excellent reinforcement in two directions, a customizable combination of cord properties can offer a variety of solutions. Its flexibility is great for applications that require smaller pulley diameters. Its optimal elongation makes it a perfect option where shorter bends are needed.  It can be used in belts for bucket elevators, and offers the option of cable free zones for easier bucket attachments.

Thanks to these unique properties, Fleximat® conveyor cores can be applied in all major fields of mining and industrial applications, including cement plants, steel works, power stations, and harbors.



  • Excellent heat, impact and cutting resistance
  • Can be processed on classical textile belt production lines
  • Increased flexibility and elongation
  • Easy substitution for both textile and steel cord belts


Coating Brass
Bulk Material C-steel
Shape Cord - rope - strand
Tensile strength N/mm² ST350-4000 N_mm